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“What exactly is Nomex®?” This is a question that is often asked to our customer service representatives. Why did you choose to use it for your fire-resistant flight suits? What is it made of?

First of all, Nomex® is a brand name for the heat and flame-resistant textile fiber made by the chemical company DuPont™. Nomex® provides heat, flame and electric arc protection, as well as durability and comfort for the user.

DuPont first introduced Nomex® in the early 1960s and began marketing the product in 1967. At that time, several race car drivers had lost their lives in scary crashes, and the industry started looking for flame-retardant fabrics to create fire suits that would be more efficient and most importantly, safer.

As stated on DuPont’s website “Nomex® offers supreme strength and heat performance versus many other products on the market. It doesn’t melt, drip or support combustion in the air.”

How does it work?

The chemical structure of Nomex. It’s a polymer built by repeating this ring-based unit (monomer) over and over again. (explainthatstuff.com)

Nomex® has the ability to carbonize and thicken when exposed to intense heat, which increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the wearer’s skin. therefore, minimizes burn injury.

Nomex® is inherently flame resistant, which means that it will stop burning as soon as the heat source is removed. Also, the structure of the synthetic fibers is a very poor conductor of heat, so it takes time for heat to travel through Nomex®. This gives the wearer time to get away from a potential flame or danger. The fabric can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit (370 degrees Celsius).

What is Nomex® used for?

Apart from race-car drivers, it’s worn by firefighters, oil and gas industry workers, emergency medical technicians, military pilots, pit crews, private and commercial helicopter pilots and astronauts. It is also used to create some household items, such as oven gloves, or can be used in cars as insulation for spark plugs, for example.

STEPHAN/H Nomex® products

The product’s reputation is firmly established. Nomex® is number one product when it comes to fire resistant products. For more than 40 years, Nomex® has helped saving countless lives amongst the different industries using it as protective apparel. This is why we decided to create a fire-resistant flight suits collection using Nomex®.

Signature collection


STEPHAN/H created the Signature flight suits to meet fire safety regulations for flame resistant clothing. On top of choosing between our six colors, pilots can also decide whether they want the 4.5 oz fabric or the 6.0 oz. The lightness of the 4.5 oz fabric used on the Signature is best suited to temperate and warmer climates, whereas the 6.0 oz can be used where it is colder.

We also offer the Signature flight suits Military Grade. The fabric used for the sage green shell of the Military Grade flight suit meets military specifications: 92% meta-aramid fiber, 5 % para-aramid fiber and 3% conductive fiber.


Looking for more information about our Nomex® fire suits? You need a fire-resistant product and can not find it on our website? Did you know that most STEPHAN/H products can be made from Nomex®? Contact us today and discover why the STEPHAN/H fire suits are the perfect fit for your flight gear needs.