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Quebec, April 17th, 2019 – STEPHAN/H is proud to announce its partnership with Skytrek| Helicopter World Tour, the first two-seater piston helicopter circumnavigation by French pilots. STEPHAN/H was chosen to be their official flight suit provider for the journey.

As part of the Skytrek crew – Corentin Larose et Sam Da Dalt – will fly over 39,000 km spread over 275 flight hours in just over three months. The two pilots will be wearing the STEPHAN/H ROTOR flight suit as they circumnavigate the globe.

“The Rotor flight suit has been designed in order to offer optimal comfort and ergonomics for pilots that are in a sitting position many hours per day. Our garments has been created to provide a greater ease of movement, to reduce points of pressure due to the sitting position and overall lower pilot fatigue“, explains Eric Poirier, Vice-President Sales at STEPHAN/H.

The Rotor flight suit was the obvious choice for the crew who will be flying over 80 days in the two-seater piston helicopter to reach its goal.

« The circumnavigation of the globe by helicopter is truly an impressive challenge. This type of achievement calls us at STEPHAN/H. To prepare and to undertake such a feat demands a lot of dedication and persistence from the Skytrek team. We are thrilled to contribute to their project.” adds M. Poirier.

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