Getting to Know STEPHAN/H Ambassador David Adamson

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Aerial Film Pilot, Flight Instructor/Examiner and Aviation Safety Consultant, David Adamson’s passion for the helicopter industry arrested our attention when we first met in 2016, and he’s been an active STEPHAN/H brand ambassador ever since.

Since receiving his commercial licence back in 1998, he has clocked up over 17,000 hours of flight time, conducting almost every conceivable helicopter operation there is. And with a licence to fly an impressive range of aircraft, including Robinson (R22, R44, R66), Bell (47, 206, 407, 505, 204, 212/412), Hughes (300, 500), Airbus/Eurocopter (H120, H125/AS355, H130, H135, H145), Augusta Westland (AW109), Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (BO105) and the Kawasaki (BK117), it’s perhaps unsurprising that he tells us, “I don’t have a typical day …and that’s the best part of my profession”.

Variety is clearly the spice of life for David, who loves the “never-ending learning process” of flying and whose favourite helicopter is, well, “All of them!” because “they each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and with a licence that covers many types, I have the advantage of selecting the best aircraft for the specific job to be done”. His licence also covers flying, instructing and testing in multiple countries, enabling him to blend profession with his passion for travel and mountain flying, where Canada, Switzerland, and Peru, top his “pretty funky” places to fly list.

David provides a very compelling reason to fly for a living, so what’s his advice for those wanting to become a helicopter pilot? “Research, research, research! Talk to and ask lots of questions of different established career pilots in the field you’re interested in. You’ll not only get a lot of insight, but it could also prevent you making a costly mistake. Helicopter pilot training isn’t cheap, and the risks need to be well understood and managed. Find a school that not only suits your learning style, but one whose former students have become successful in the type of helicopter career you’re aspiring to”.

And what’s the biggest downside of a career in flying? “Administration”, he confidently replies. “There’s a LOT of it …which might also explain why I stay in the air so much”, he jests.


Helicopter pilot David says it’s the comfort, versatility and durability of the STEPHAN/H products that makes him proud to be a brand ambassador. “It has been two years now, and I can confirm how long lasting the product is”, he says.

New product coming soon

“I am currently testing a STEPHAN/H prototype water/fire resistant jacket and have been very impressed with the water resistance qualities, warmth and functionality so far.”

Stay tuned to learn more about this new product… and more!