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Learn more about the company and why STEPHAN/H is proud to provide clothing to Bailey Helicopters’ pilots.

Bailey Helicopters was established 30 years ago and was originally created to service a contract in the North helmet oilfields. The owner started with a Bell 47 and two years later purchased the first Jet Ranger. In 1995 a 15,000 sq. hangar was purchased in Fort St. John, British Columbia, which remains the company’s head office today.

Over the years, Bailey Helicopters has grown steadily to become one of the most respected rotary wing operators in the north. The long-term success of Bailey Helicopters could be explained by several factors, for example their ability to improve and expand their services through controlled growth. Safety and performance are also key elements in their success.

While Bailey Helicopters represent the rotary side of the company, North Cariboo Air is the fixed wing charter side and was originally incorporated in 1957.  They work together to offer a full-service range to clients. Together, North Cariboo and Bailey Helicopters operate a combined modern fleet of 47 aircrafts.

“At Bailey Helicopters and North Cariboo, we’re committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment wherever we operate – for our clients, staff, partners and contractors.”

Bailey’s fleet counts 11 helicopters, including Airbus As 350 B3, B2, BA, Bell 206B and Bel 212HP.They offer many helicopter services, but are mainly recognized for oil & gas support, air ambulance/medevac, forest support/fire suppression, IR scanning & mapping, pipeline leak detection, wildlife surveys, fisheries and avalanche control.

They are also equipped with two simulators, for flight training. They have an Elite S623 Astar Flight Simulator, which is used for Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IIMC) training, emergency training, and initial flight training, prior to conducting Airbus (Astar) endorsement. Also, they use a Bell 206 Start Simulator for initial and recurrent training for 206 pilots which can simulate normal, hung, and hot starts.

Around 40 people work for the company, including 16 pilots. Most pilots involved with Bailey Helicopters will say that their passion for helicopters started at a young age. They love that every day is different and can represent a challenge, while being an adventure!

Choosing STEPHAN/H Rotor flight pants

Bailey Helicopters chose to equip their pilots with STEPHAN/H clothing mainly for their professional look. “The suits are customizable to fit all shapes and sizes, helping the staff to portray a professional image. And it is a Canadian Company”, says Bailey’s representant Jenn Jarabek. Every pilot is wearing the Rotor flight pants, and the feedback has been all positive so far.

STEPHAN/H Rotor flight pants were designed to be more comfortable for pilots who are often seated for long hours. An invisible stretch piece that adapts to the body in a seated position has been added to the waist for improved comfort.

What’s next for Bailey Helicopters?

In order to keep growing and expending, Bailey Helicopters is continuing to look for new service areas, of course while maintaining a high level of safety and customer service, which truly defines them.