“When I was a kid, I never thought I would be a pilot. Now when I fly, I feel like the Queen of the World!”

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Read more about Maria Mus, experienced helicopter pilot and STEPHAN/H ambassador.

Maria Mus was 16 years old when helicopters first caught her attention, although she had been an aviation fan for years. However, as a kid, the helicopter world was still unknown to her. In fact, as a seasoned show jumping competitor, Maria wanted to become a professional horse rider! She was 12 years old when she got to sit in the co-pilot seat in a helicopter. That day sparked her interest in pursuing the world of helicopter aviation.

In 2011, she obtained her helicopter pilot license, and the rest is history, as they say!  But let us share her story with you!

Based in Poland, Maria now has over 1500 flight hours under her belt. She is licensed to fly the Bell 427, Bolkow BO105 & Robinson R44 helicopters. “Flying the BO105 is my favorite, because it gives me freedom and it has amazing flying capabilities”, she says.

Being a helicopter pilot has its challenge

The training to become a pilot, or doing this as a career, isn’t always easy. Maria says that her biggest challenge is to study and learn everything for her ATPL license. “In Europe, we have 15,000 questions to learn and you can’t be sure that you will have these exact questions on the exam”, explains Maria. She adds “I am also very ambitious and on every written exam, or during my flight tests, I always want to be perfect”.

Thankfully, during the good, or the more difficult times, Maria can count on both of her parents to support her. “To be honest, they prefer when I am sitting in a helicopter more than in the car… Not because I’m a bad driver, but they know that helicopter is a lot safer! And they are right”, she says.

“When I fly, I feel happiness and freedom. I feel like the Queen of the World!” – Maria Mus.

Aside from working for her father’s company and flying alongside him, Maria currently works for a private company in Poland, which offers an air taxi service. She is flying a Bell 427 and she travels all over Europe to take clients to their destinations. To her, the most exciting part of the job is that there is no typical day. The most important thing for her is being able to live her passion every day!

What’s next for Maria?

“My life’s goal is to do helicopter aerobatics, that is my biggest dream”, declares Maria. Besides, during the 15th World Helicopter Championships in Poland, she had the opportunity to climb aboard Siegfried “Blacky” Schwarz’ Red Bull BO105 helicopter for some aerobatics! (One of our ambassadors is a Red Bull pilot! Read more about Aaron Fitzgerald!)

She also plans to climb on the podium for every competition of the Helicopter World Cup, which will be held this year. But that’s not all! Maria also wants to become a helicopter World Champion in 2021 or 2024!

For now, her next steps are to take a mountain flight training course and to obtain her ATPL and IR licenses. Of course, she also plans to continue riding horses, hitting the golf course with her dad and going to the gym for some intense CrossFit sessions!


“STEPHAN/H offers the best aviation clothing”, Maria says from the get-go. “That’s why I am a brand ambassador. It is hard to find aviation clothing made for women that looks good and of good quality”, she continues.

Her favorite items from her professional collection are the leather flight jacket and the flight suit, which she would describe as being comfortable, good looking and good quality.

“I’m really happy to be representing the best flight suit company on the market and I’m happy that they trusted me with this task”, she concluded.

Fun fact: Aside from her STEPHAN/H gear, Maria always carries these items on board: tools, knife, covers for the helicopter, her phone… and a cosmetic bag as well! 

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