Criteria to Consider for the Purchase of Base Layers

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You prevent yourself from playing your favourite outdoor sports or to do some of your everyday activities due to lack of equipment or due to cold weather. Well, whether you are a pilot or not, good clothing goes hand in hand with good undersuit and with adequate base layers.

So with changes in temperature, it is essential to be well equipped and it all starts with the basics, that is knowing the different criteria when you are purchasing your undersuit.

1.Choose its Technological Properties

By far the most important factor is keeping you warm when you are doing a variety of outdoor activities while controlling increased humidity. It is an essential element that will keep you warm and dry throughout your physical effort. The undersuit’s fabric must absorbs moisture to ensure faster evaporation for a quick-drying time and offers superior breathability.

There are also more specialized technological properties, such as flame resistance, which may be offered in certain garments to meet different professional needs. For example, modacrylic fiber is more flame resistant and will eventually melt if it is in contact with a flame. This kind of fabric can be useful if you are in a work environment where there is a risk of being in contact with fire.

2.Choose Comfort

When you are shopping for base layers, comfort is a must, because it will be in direct contact with your body. To avoid irritation of the skin when there is a constant friction, flat seams are the solution to this problem. It is important to keep in mind that is a first layer, so you must favour a garment that will undoubtedly provide you with unparalleled comfort.

3.Think About Adjusting

Depending on the intensity of the activity that you exercise or your professional needs, you need to choose an undersuit made of stretch fabric with a good fit to the body. With a well-fitting design, you can layer your clothes as you like depending on the weather and the activity. This will allow you to regulate your body temperature by adding or removing different layers of clothing. So the design offers a high level of freedom of movement.

4. Check the Origins of the Products

It is important to know the origin of the undersuit that you want to buy. Company location can say a lot about how the garments are made and the materials chosen. For example, if you choose a company located in Northern Canada or a warm undersuit, it is possible that materials selected for the design meet this criterion. In fact, temperatures are colder in winter in these provinces. You just have to think about what you need for protection. Then you can refer to the expertise of people who live in places similar to yours, because they will know better your reality and your needs.

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