Our pilots


Helicopter Pilot, President and CEO
Airborne Images, Inc.
Los Angeles, California

Aaron Fitzgerald is an experienced helicopter pilot with over 8,500 flight hours. At work, he mostly contribute to the film and television industry by flying stabilized camera systems as well as on-camera. He also perform and coordinate aerial stunts. Being a helicopter pilot was all he ever wanted to do.

He considers that he has been very lucky in his career for having the opportunity to take part of a lot of very big projects. One of the most memorable being the Red Bull Stratos project, which he worked on for 3 years performing various roles with the helicopter. He also have flown some very challenging and interesting test programs for NASA. Recently, he even spent two weeks offshore of Monterey Bay, California shooting whales and other marine mammals for the BBC program Big Blue Live.

Aaron would describe the STEPHAN/H technical clothes as being comfortable, functional, well-designed and professional. So far, the Rotor flight jacket and pants are his favorite products. “If you want to be comfortable and look professional, this is the gear for you”, said Aaron

« By far the most comfortable flight clothing I have ever worn. »

Luana Maria Torres AgraDAVID ADAMSON

Chief Pilot / Flight Instructor / Flight Examiner

David is a highly experienced helicopter Chief Pilot, Flying Instructor and Flight Examiner, able to fly twenty helicopter types commercially in many countries conducting mostly specialist aerial film services. Experienced in aerial filming with a number of gyro stabilised camera systems, David has an impressive history of providing aerial services for feature films, television productions, documentaries, commercials and numerous sporting events. As a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Flight Examiner, David along with a handful of Flight Examiners throughout Australia conducts flight tests on behalf of CASA.

“I was afforded the privilege of testing your Rotor two piece suit under demanding Australian conditions, and within only a couple of weeks I was sold! STEPHAN/H clothing is comfortable, versatile and long lasting, providing complete movability in the air and on the ground. STEPHAN/H doesn’t pay me to be an Ambassador, it’s not a financial relationship, it’s much more than that. This is about an aviation clothing company and an individual who have the same mindset and share the same passion.”


Luana Maria Torres Agra


Private pilot
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Currently living in Las Vegas

Luana is a young private pilot with 100 hours of flight time. She is from Brazil and currently lives in Las Vegas, where she studies English and build up her flight hours so she can get her commercial pilot licence. For Luana, passion for the aviation world runs in the family. “My brother and my sister in law are both pilots and I always thought aviation was interesting. One day, after doing a flight, I decided that I would like to do that for a living”, she says.

She likes that the STEPHAN/H clothing line not only has beautiful designs, but is also comfortable. “STEPHAN/H technical clothing fills every pilot needs”, she adds. Her favorite item in the collection so far is the Leather jacket.

“STEPHAN/H makes their clothes considering all the needs a pilot has while flying. So the clothes are comfortable, light and most importantly, they are ergonomic. All these characteristics combined with an awesome design make STEPHAN/H a great choice for all pilots”.